The Common Toad

Book: Some Thoughts on the Common Toad 

Author: George Orwell

George Orwell: the man, the powerful prose, the witty tackling of societal issues. Orwell opens up your eyes to political agendas, allows you to configure your own beliefs and ideologies all through his words. His witty language is used in conjunction with the meaning behind his work.
In Some Thoughts on the Common Toad, the collection of essays, which also features an essay of the same name, surrounds a variety of his ideas. My personal favourite would be Some Thoughts as I really enjoyed his prose. I did not delve as greatly into his other essays, so much as I did this one though, I must admit, so do not take this review of the one essay in context of the whole collection. However, I do recommend reading the entire collection. Within this short essay, exactly 6 pages in length, Orwell uses a great metaphor about the common toad and the changing of the seasons and how it can be enjoyed no matter what is going on in the world, no matter where you live and no matter who you are. What I took from this essay was that life does indeed go on. As Orwell mentions in the last paragraph, “The atom bombs are piling up in the factories, the police are prowling through the cities, the lies are streaming from the loudspeakers, but the earth is still going round the sun, and neither the dictators nor the bureaucrats, deeply as they disapprove of the process are able to prevent it.” (Page 6).

This may sound overly intellectual to some, but the meaning can be relatable to all individuals. Perhaps, especially now that the weather is getting warmer, we should stop. Let’s take a minute, forget the worries of global tribulations for just this moment (they’re still important though!) and allow ourselves to truly and full-heartedly enjoy what the changing of the seasons bring, just as the common toad does.



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